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Here is a Houston Dynamo concept I've been working on, the idea behind this concept was to firstly try out my new Umbro template and also to see more light blue in the Dynamo's kits. Because Orange has been the primary colour for the dynamo I left it as the primary kit colour. I then made a light blue clash kit and a white alternate kit. I took all the black outlines off of the jerseys because I think they look out of place. C&C please.

Home Kit


Clash Kit


Alternate Kit


Taking some suggestions I added the sponsor (sorry I didn't remember them getting one) and added some Man City style pinstripes. C&C please.

New Clash Kit


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Well, it was a positive to take the black off the outlines, and the striping is definitely nice.

The only problem I have is the light blue...idk, with the Dynamo it doesn't work. Kinda reminds me of a crossover between them and the Lady Vols of Tennessee.

Then again, I really can't think of another lighter shade of a color that would work with the orange, unless it's a silver/gray. So yeah, I don't like the light blue, but that's just me.

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That orange doesn't seem to be right. It looks to be more of a UT-burnt orange than Dynamo Orange. Two more things:

(1) It would be better if you could put in the shirt sponsor, Amigo Energy than the Dynamo wordmark:


(2) I like the idea of using the blue for the change kit since the whites are such a weak design. With that said, I would try a different design for the change. Vertical stripes (like Manchester City) or a sash (like River Plate) would be something to think about.

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