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Iowa Cubs identity concept


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OK. So here is my concept for an Iowa Cubs identity. Comes with logo set, wordmarks, numerals, and caps. But first:

here is the original logo.

Iowa Cuba current homepage

But back to the concept. I'm trying to decide on a wordmark for the away jerseys. So here it is:

My Iowa Cubs Concept

C&C welcome and appreciated.

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I would say no to the "Ciowa" button. Also, if you send them in, you may want to correct the spelling of Royal on that horrible mesh monstrosity.

I didn't realize Royal was misspelled. And I can make the BP hat different if they changed the model to look like the Majors' BP hats. I thought they were still using the mesh.

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These aren't bad. Here's what I like:

-The C-and-bear on the outline of Iowa. Very nicely done! Optimal sleeve logo.

-Staying true to the unique Cub numbers.

-Interlocking I and C. What are the I-Cubs using on their hats these days? Just a red block I? Cubs primary? This is a step up from either. Interlocking letters are great.

I don't like:

-The "C-IOWA" logo. I see what you're going for, the rounded Cub-style letters, but the beauty of the original is that it says Cubs. This says Ciowa. What is Ciowa? I don't know.

-The Interlocking I-C-O. While I praised the first I/C interlock, this variant doesn't work. Iowa Cubs Organization? Two letters were surefire, but you're pushing it with the O.

I'm torn on:

-The "I(Cubs)WA script. Clever, sure, but it might be a little much. Also, I'm guessing this goes on the road uniforms? Straight horizontal block letters rarely work for uniforms. Maybe only, ironically, the Rockwell-looking Chicago roads from circa '91 pulled it off.


You're on to something here, but I would do a few things different. As a main logo, try arching IOWA over the Cubs logo. Pursue the Iowa outline logo further, maybe as an alternate or BP jersey (do the minors have thirds?), as that does a perfect farm-team job of underlining the proud connection to the parent team while asserting a local flavor. Use the arched "IOWA" script for the roads as well, and try to use a typeface that's more in tune with the curved Cubs letters and numbers. (The Cubs on the north side could do this as well, scrapping the too-narrow city name and block letters for NOBs.) You're on to something here that could look great with some fine-tuning.

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