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OSC/Just Hockey Logo Contest

Ez Street

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In case you didn't see it on Our Sports Central they are working with Just Hockey to have a Minor League Hockey Logo Contest. It starts March 1. I figured all of us here that are logo nuts would like to vote in this bad boy. So stay tuned in a few days and the contest will begin.



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Is it just me or does one group of logo's have a ridiculous amount of votes compared to any other league? What's up with that? I think it's the CHL and they have sick numbers of votes. They jacking this up or what? I mean that MudBugs logo really is just hideous and the Killer Bees are second? Cmon! Laredo should be way ahead in that league for sure.

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I love the Mudbugs, Moose, Fireants, & Alaska Aces ! Great logos IMO- when I let my kids pick their team logos for "floor Hockey", these get picked every year! Just a little FYI, all the teams that picked these logos, finished no lower than 2nd in their respective P.E. classes that I teach. ^_^

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I can't get over how far "off track" my taste in minor-pro hockey logos apparently is... at least when compared to the latest results (as of March 13th) in the OSC poll. I have exactly THREE logos on my list that appear amongst the favorites in the poll results. The comparison is as follows:

AHL - OSC = Springfield, Toronto, San Antonio, Chicago

AHL - BiB = Grand Rapids, Portland, Bridgeport, Cleveland

ECHL - OSC = Mississippi, Johnstown, Long Beach, Texas, South Carolina

ECHL - BiB = Gwinnett, Alaska, Reading, Texas, Florida

CHL - OSC = Bossier-Shreveport, Laredo, Rio Grande Valley

CHL - BiB = Odessa, San Angelo, Laredo

UHL - OSC = Adirondack, Fort Wayne

UHL - Bib = Richmond, Rockford

WHA2 - OSC = Orlando

WHA2 - BiB = Orlando

SEHL - OSC = Knoxville

SEHL - OSC = Cape Fear

I always thought that my tastes were particularly "individual", but apparently I'm an iconoclast when it comes to my choice in logos.

Incidentally, my favorite sixteen logos in minor-pro hockey regardless of the poll's rules regarding number of entrants from leagues:

1) Gwinnett Gladiators

2) Manitoba Moose Alternate (Way to go, Sterling!)

3) Cape Fear FireAntz

4) Alaska Aces

5) Grand Rapids Griffins

6) Reading Royals

7) Odessa Jackalopes

8) Richmond RiverDogs

9) Portland Pirates

10) Hartford Wolf Pack

11) San Angelo Saints

12) Bridgeport Sound Tigers

13) Cleveland Barons

14) Texas Wildcatters

15) Florida Everblades

16) Laredo Bucks

Brian in Boston

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