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New basketball template


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I got to thinking the other day, what kind of legacy will I leave when the day comes that I have to leave this board? The next logical idea that came into my mind was "Make a template that will be for all the peoples," and as I had never been a huge fan of the basketball templates available, and as I really liked the NikeTeam.com jersey display, I decided to tackle this project.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's done now, and you can now use my template by accessing it. I do not know how to post things so that they are downloadable (I tried just linking to the .eps file, but that didn't work), so I made .gifs of the three jersey styles included in my template (Nike Wishbone, V-Neck, Classic) to satisfy everyone until I can get the template up on my site, and hopefully eventually on STL Fanatic's fantastic database for templates.

Oh right, the links (copy&paste or click&drag):

SyPhi Basketball Template - Nike Wishbone Jersey

SyPhi Basketball Template - V-Neck Jersey

SyPhi Basketball Template - Classic Jersey

Hope you all like them. Any comments, suggestions, criticisms can be left here. I'll let everyone know as soon as I have the .AI or .EPS file available for download.

** Special thanks to Snowcap to getting me part of the original template **

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Thank you to both of you for the kind words.

I am leaving for the weekend, and so I have sent the .EPS file to STL Fanatic and the .AI file to GMS1122 (didn't want to overload an inbox) so they can put the file(s) in the template database.

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