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My 7th Man Entry


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Dedication, commitment, honor, pride, and sacrifice--words that describe a San Jose Shark and its favorite fan. Do I bleed teal? Absolutely! Since day one, I have followed this team. From Doug Wilson to Patrick Marleau, and the over 200 guys who have donned the teal sweater (all of which I can name in order of their jersey number), I have been through tough times, to playoff victories that shock the hockey world.

For me, hockey season doesn't end or begin. After a serious knee injury when I was 14, I looked up to my teal heroes for an idea to rehabilitate. I began ice skating, which has lead to ten years of playing hockey. The evolution of the Internet, allowed my artistic ability and vast knowledge of the Sharks into the creation of the Teal Town Zone.

The passion I show for my team can be seen throughout my house. My house has teal trim. Inside my room contains, almost 200 game tapes, which makes the offseason a thing of the past. As a collector of anything Sharks, I have amassed pucks, pictures, over 8,000 cards, and even stat sheets from the broadcasters to make it a ?Sharkive Area?!

To make sure everyone knows where my alliance is, everyday I must wear something bearing a Sharks logo or even teal. Even outside hockey, I give my all in everything I do. It?s something I learned from watching my San Jose Sharks.

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Hmm... I don't think mine's as good. Good luck and hopefully in a few weeks we'll be competing against each other, you having win for San Jose and me for Detroit.

Here's mine that I doubt will win...

I am the Detroit Red Wings' 7th man because I spend most of my day every day, supporting the Red Wings in some way or another.

I can't remember a time when this wasn't the case.  I remember being six years old and fighting with my cousin over who got to be Steve Yzerman as we played floor hockey in our grandparents' basement.  I remember staying up late to listen to the Red Wings on WJR after I had been sent to sleep but always giving myself away when I cheered for Detroit goals (or booed ones by the opposition).

Almost every day I wear Red Wings apparel.  I have a collection of ten jerseys with the names of current or former Detroit players on them.

I also spend hours a day working on my Red Wings-themed Website, one of the oldest and largest Wings sites on the Internet.

I never miss a game.  I schedule events around the Red Wings' schedule.

Most importantly, as the old t-shirt says, "I was a fan before it was cool."  I was rooting for Detroit when the Wings were being swept by Chicago in the 1992 Norris Division Finals and loosing in seven games to Toronto in the first round in 1993 and to San Jose in the first round in 1994.  I was there before the Championships and the parades down Woodward Avenue, all three of which I have attended.

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My entry:

I once walked past the Fleet Center. And I L-U-V Joe Thorndike! He almost makes me forget about the days of Bobby O'Rourque.


#1 Bruins Fan

hilarious..... for that, you get a :woot: !

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