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milwaukee brewers concept


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all in all i like it. not big on the blue baseball in the blue jersey with the white M/B. The logo on the sleeve of that looks fine so I think the front logo should be the same or the sleeve could be something else. I would like to see it with more yellow personally but thats just me. I like the overall idea of what your doing. also I dont know if you re familiar with the really old brewers logo with a barrel man swinging a bat but that might look good as a shoulder patch logo. Just an idea, similar to how the A's have that elephant or the Padres have that swinging padre man. shoulders seem like a good place for odd logos that are still cool

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I think you need to figure out if white or gold is the secondary color after blue.

If its gold, there should be a thicker outline on the letters of the white and gray jersey. And the ball-in-glove logo should be gold with white outline on the cap and blue jersey. And I think you should put the M or maybe barrel-man like jaha said as the sleeve patch on the blue jersey.

other thing I would say is find a new number font.

Very good start... small changes would make it perfect

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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