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For my 800 post I present logos for my highschool: the Westminster Wildcats. Our colors are green and white, though silver is making a comeback in our merchandise. I have a wordmark(bottom of it is from the Southern Jaguars wordmark--thought it looked cool and couldn't think of another way to make the bottom fit), main logo(wildcat head), and an alt(wildcat head over a W). Flipping the silver and green looked wierd because the silver isn't dark enough, so the main color is silver is the logo. Tried flipping white and silver(just the white in the muzzle), but then it just looked like he hadn't shaved. The eye area is based off Nitroseeds' Lichen design and the whiskers are modeled after Sterling's wildcat. I just used these as a reference for what works, I didn't copy and paste them into my design.

With that said, he it is. This is by no means final.


For our current logo, look here

Comments? Suggestions? Changes?


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I love it!!! Not only did you do an EXCELLENT job of simply modernizing your current HS logo, but, in a world saturated (maybe even supersaturated) with cat logos, you made one of the better one's i have ever seen. Great job!!!!


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The cat looks pretty good, although I think it's slightly inconsistent with line weights. You have a great start, but tweak it a little more and it will be awesome.

Use a darker color to shadow the text on the wordmark...the lighter gray against the white makes it look a little blurry.

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