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Miami Dolphins Concept


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As they're my favourite team, I've always wanted them to have awesome unis. While I think they're good now, with a little change they could be great, especially with that unique colour scheme. So... this is just minor and major touch-ups to their current look.

I'm also trying a new template.

I really like the collar of the Chargers, so I used it & the swooshes throughout the jersey are to match it. I got rid of the logo on the sleeves, and replaced it with the helmet/pants striping. Kept the drop shadow, but put it with a thin & rounded font. Added sock striping to the Aqua socks. Added the swoosh to the pants to mix it up.

I think it looks great, but any C&C is always appreciated.




So... whaddya think?


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I love the 2nd and 3rd versions. The first one might be a bit too plain for my taste. The pants are amazing. Cannot get any better. A very small touch but a definite improvement, imo.

As for the logo on the helmet -- made me wonder how it would look with just the dolphin, bigger and without the sun in the background.

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Solid, well rendered concept. Not a fan of the inconsistent striping (a problem the current set has). The sharp cut off of the pant stripe seems out of place. With the curvature of the dolphins logo, a curved, smoother flowing pant stripe would fit better.


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