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  1. I used to have a fantasy IFA soccer team here on the boards and recently decided to the same identity for an off boards league. The team is Aotearoa United FC (Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand) Gordie_Delini made the original and while it more than served its purpose I felt it was time for a replacement, however I can’t decide on which one to use. So, I give you my four options. The top row is based off of the New Zealand ten cent coin. The right one where the fish hook is located I’ve done up a few other options but didn’t want to post all of them unless this was the style that proved the most popular. The bottom row the left is a full tiki while the right was a way to mix old with new. For full disclosure, I didn’t make any of the art (I'm not sure where Gordie got his), or the font in use. Give me any feedback or let me know your favourite
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try moving in the spears. For the shield I should have mentioned with Spartan Race being one of biggest brands in the sport (my favourite) and influence on the blog name, I wanted to make it look similar to a Spartan shield I used the mountain in the shield and the wheat as the spear tips to represent the different regions of Southern Alberta
  3. So first I haven't been on the boards in a couple years, with family and life obligations I just haven't had time. One of the projects I've been working on is a blog/website/boards for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (Spartan Race, Battlefrog etc.) with a specific focus on Southern Alberta. The project is called 4-0-300 a play on the area code and the popular movie. So I've created a logo using Inkscape for the first time and am hoping for some feedback. It doesn't feel right to me yet so I figured what better place for critique. Most importantly I want to give credit where it is due the wheat on the spear is from shutterstock, and the mountain on the shield is from the Denver Nuggets secondary logo. I used it on purpose as I incorporated elements from some of favourite sports teams, the dark grey is the Seattle Sounders shale, the red for the roses the Calgary Stampeders. So without further ado let me know what you think.
  4. That's so sweet, thank you again.
  5. Would you be able to do you my rugby team's logo? Thanks.
  6. Miami has a very strong Stade Francais vibe which I think is a good thing in this case. Could even go more crazy like they tend to do.
  7. Group D is a true "Champions league" pool, all 4 are their leagues reigning champs, no runners-up so that group is going to be amazing.
  8. Champions league was done today. Group A Porto Dynamo Kiev Paris Saint-Germain Dinamo Zagreb Group B Arsenal Schalke 04 Olympiacos Montpellier Group C AC Milan Zenit Anderlecht Malaga Group D Real Madrid Manchester City Ajax Dortmund Group E Chelsea Shakhtar Donetsk Juventus Nordsjaelland Group F Bayern Munich Valencia Lille BATE Borisov Group G Barcelona Benfica Spartak Moscow Celtic Group H Manchester United Braga Galatasaray Cluj
  9. I agree with the comment about all three being on the same template, it's so rare in soccer that it actually takes away from the idea of this being feasible. While I like how you did that with Yakball it would never fly in modern soccer. Having said that your work is great, always is, and I can't wait to see the rest of the teams.
  10. While not "cutting edge" I've also thought Highway Gothic would make a great MLS font, it's on every roadsign so you get "brand recognition" all the time.
  11. Any news on these? I'm so excited for these.
  12. Seems like Adidas is forcing that orange shade on a lot teams this year.
  13. Funny that's my Facebook status right now.
  14. I looks like one of their training shirts from this year.
  15. Can't wait for Monday should be an absolute amazing game. Come on City.