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Need help identifying a helmet


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Ok, on the book jacket of the Sports Illustrated "College Football Book", there are side-facing headshots of all these players from different times. I can identify every school by the helmet, save for one. I was hoping my description might help someone help me figure out what it is. This is the best description I can come up with:

The helmet itself looks very close to LSU. It's yellow and the secondary color is purple or black as far as my colorblind eye can see.

It's got the LSU-style purple or black stripes on either side of a wide white stripe on top.

It's got a purple or black facemask.

The logo looks something like this one I found, except there's no "LIONS" and it's all purple or black. 125px-Lions_rugby_logo_2007.png

As far as I can see from the other helmets on the book, they are all FBS colleges with the exception of maybe 5 FCS.

Thanks for your help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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