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Icon Tutorial Using Inkscape


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So I know a lot of new (and some experienced) board members have recently been using Inkscape for some of their designs. I downloaded Inkscape about two or three years ago in an attempt to better my graphic design abilities. Of course it was a new program to me and I did not have the time nor the enthusiasm to learn a new program. I've noticed that .svg files are extremely easy to edit, recolor, resize, etc., and since Inkscape is an .svg based program-rather than using Paint and Paint.net-I decided to try my luck in Inkscape.

I went to YouTube to look for some tutorials and I ran across a series by a guy named heathenx. One of these tutorials combined some basic tools and abilities to create a desktop icon, so I decided to give it a shot. The icon that heathenx created was a simple shield icon that turned out to be pretty nice looking, so after watching the tutorial, I decided to give it a shot.

is the link to the tutorial.

And here is the shield icon I created: ShieldIcon.png

In order to transfer the zoomed-in image from a .svg to a .png so that I could upload it to Photobucket, I simply used the PrintScreen button and pasted it into Paint.net to save as a .png file.

Click Here to view the enlarged icon.

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mods may want to move to the pinned "Other Design Help" topic (i think tihs qualifys as "anything other than photoshop/illustrator")

nice finds.

to keep the background transparent use the *.gif raster file format.

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No but since the screen shows white, that is what printscreen will pick up. You have to actually export it for there to be transparency.

Yeah but the actual dimensions are 48x48, which is alright for an icon. I was just using the printscreen method to show you guys the detail of the icon, I have no intentions of using the large version for anything.

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