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Missouri Tigers Concept


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This may appear as a Bengals knock off to you, but for me anything was better than that dumb, generic, design Mizzou, Wake, Air Force, Houston, etc. use. I've used a similar design on the pants for a concept before, but not exact (this one is less wide and more of a Tiger stripe design). And yes, I figured nothing could be more appropriate for the jersey than some Tiger flair was well. I tried to find balance between their current design, and something new (I love the Mizzou script, I also just left the same plain numbers). The Bengals uniforms are definitely more busy than this design, I tried to keep it more simple. I feel comfortable with the design, and there isnt another team in the FBS that utilizes Tiger Striping (and besides Princetons helmet, I'm not sure if even D1 or beyond uses a similar design.

Missouri's biggest uni problem is their inconsistency with the gold. The helmet M and the jersey utilizes Metallic gold, and the pants are more of an older gold (last season even the jerseys were an older gold). I give you consistency, but in both departments, so tell me which one looks better.



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Nope. It's gotta be the 'M'.

To be honest, I was a little afraid when I opened this thread, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying I want them to immediately start using this, but as a general concept, it's not bad. Though it would be nice to see the Tiger Head/Oval logo somewhere on the uniform.

Oh and BTW, currently, the metallic gold is ONLY on the helmets. Jerseys and pants both use athletic gold. And their current uniform design isn't dumb. It's quite sweet. :)

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If you would have described this to me I would've told you it sounds like a bad idea, but there is something I really like about this set. It's probably because, as someone else said, it's not overly striped. If, for example, it had a helmet like the Bengals it would have been overkill. As it is, it looks modern but tasteful. Very nice.


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