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Guelph Storm Tweak....


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Have always loved the 1990's storm logo and uni's. Unfortunately, they are very 90's... The current look & spyke logo are fine & fun for an 11 year old... but as an adult, an identity based on a mascot wears on the nerves a bit. Basically what I tried to do is bring back a bit of the old identity, and toughen up the new one a bit (for the most part I know its a basic re-colour).... First the old -




and the new.....


CC always welcome... let me know what ya think....

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I'm not really liking this. Something seems really off with the eyes on the tornado and the current colour scheme is 10 times better than the one you used. Another thing that bugs me is that the jerseys are too plain and not modern enough. Sorry but I just don't like this very much.

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That color scheme is totally 90s, and nothing can be done to fix it. The tornado looks off with the red eyes. I think white eyes would be better. Nice idea, but I think the colors need tweaking to work properly. I'd darken the blue, drop the silver incorporate red a little more (it sounds good in my head, but it might look terrible). Something more along the lines of navy, black and maroon.

P.S; Nice to see an OHL concept! and nice to see John Tavares in London! GO KNIGHTS!

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