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Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate


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There have been a few Blue Jacket alternate jersey concepts lately so I decided to add one of my own. So here is my take. I like the idea of red for the Jackets 3rd. I used the original Columbus logo but replaced the neon green on the stick with silver. I was debating over the shoulder stripe. I felt that red would have been too much, and white just did'nt look right so I decided to go with silver. I appreciate any comments.


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Its almost there. I have a few suggestions though. The silver that goes from arm-to-arm should be blue, right now it throws off the red/blue dynamic. The blue on the undersleeve should be red if you make the silver above it blue. I feel that it would be a stronger jersey if the was used as an accent color to seperate the blue and red. Also, maybe try replacing the white with the silver. I like it as a red concept for the blue jackets, nice work.

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