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This is an idea I had a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't trying to come up with anything but it struck me and in my mind it was too good to pass up. Unfortunately I can never translate things that are in my head to the paper as well as I would like to. No matter what I do it always seems amateurish to me. This may seem simple enough but you wouldn't believe how many revisions it has been and I just made a drastic change tonight... Anyway if you can't tell, the idea is to blend a dog bone with a heard to represent some dog or animal company/organization, etc. The shape fits so well and as far as I can tell it hasn't been done before anywhere I have looked. I don't have any specific name (first thing that came to mine was "Must Love Dogs") or complete scheme; but basically this entire idea is based off of this logo, and it is tough to branch out like that.

But the image in my head was striking and I had to pursue it.

The reason I am posting here now is just to get an idea of how well the concept holds up in reality or whether this is a good idea to go through with, etc. In the end I would really like to have a final product at some point, even just to have closure in my mind.

So, how do you like it thus far? One of the main things I have been wrestling with has been the heart shape and proportion/size of it compared to the bone, and the bone length. I would really appreciate any outside opinions at this point in time to help me move forward. I think one thing that is really important is to choose a direction and go with it. (If you can't tell by my unorganized ramblings, I am a bit lost here :P) If you have any questions I'll try to answer or if I should post older revisions (which are mostly just tweaks of this anyway, but some more drastic than others), I will. Thanks!


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I like the idea but I think the heart and the end of the bone should be the same size. Maybe make the bone a little taller. "Must Love Dogs" is a good name considering the subliminal "M" created in the seperation of the heart and the bone. I wouldn't suggest using it as the "M" for the wordmark, though. Just let it be there for people to notice at some point. That way they can say, "Hey did you know there's an M in that logo?"

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I'm sorry, it just looks kinda phallic to me :/

But I like the idea behind it. As logoman said you should reduce the size of the heart, maybe make it a little skinnier.

Your response was very phallic! :P

And, that's NOT what she said!

(I do agree that making the heart smaller would help, and close the gap between the bone and the heart a bit more)

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