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got sent a link to this new site the other day.


having mentioned my interesting setting up some sort of blog for my design to a mate,

she flicked me these guys page. presently they are in beta testing and you have to apply for an account, but if you are looking to do

something similar id definitely recommend it.

i have posted a number of my better logos on the site (and linked off them to ccsl) and its been very easy to set up.


take a look and see what you think. seems to fulfill a number of roles that sites like photobucket etc have as well as being quite a nice

place to lay your work out.


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yeah i know. was one of the logos i did for the contest. luckily i noticed it before i posted it in the contest. unfortunately i must have used an old version when i rendered this one. i havnt had a chance to fix it yet.

i have no idea how that happened, although im not the greatest speller, i did spell it correctly on every other early concept.

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