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San Antonio Spurs Alternate Logo


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After seeing how unprofessional my last logos were, I decided to try a vector program. I knew my work would come out cleaner and look much more professional. There was a pretty large learning curve to inkscape, and it took a looooooong time to figure out how to use most things. My first try was a shot at something safe, something with mainly straight lines, because the pen/bezier tool was probably the most difficult to use so far. Also, the fill tool was giving me some fits.

If any Inkscape geniuses have any help with a beginner to the program, I would greatly appreciate it. I suppose those with knowledge of AI could help too. ( I think they are similar.)

Anyway, I know present to you, my shot at a San Antonio Spurs Alternate Logo:


I was thinking, if this was well recieved, I would try to do an NBA alternate logo redesign......I don't think it has ever been done before,

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This is a good start IMO. I think you need to make the S and A thicker, and make them look as if they are connected. The idea ids great though.

Yes, they need to be much thicker, like their primary. And the spur could be more like the primary also, this is a great start.

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