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Momentum's NFL Redesign (Browns, Broncos, Jaguars, Skins)


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I wanted to add more orange to the Broncos concept, and preserve some of the swoosh but not a whole lot.


Just like the Broncos, I want to add more of the team's original color (Brown) to the uniform. Brown pants are in along with a thin gray outline to balance the harsh orange brown transition in spots on the jersey.


Went a little throwback with the Skins. The old helmet and the yellow pants return. Added the shoulder stripes because they aren't utilized in a lot of NFL designs and look good with the Native American theme.


The Jaguars current uni's are horrible. They have been off track since adding black to their concepts. I took the black out and took it back to something that remind me of the Brunell era.

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Broncos- I don't really like the large orange panels on the side. I also think that Denver has to keep navy for the home, leave orange for an alternate.

Browns- Probably my favorite one. It's a nice classic look, which fits them pretty well.

Redskins- Not really feeling this one. I don't really like the yellow helmet and that shade seems very... vibrant. The shoulder striping seems very sloppy and rushed through, I prefer their current stripes.

Jaguars- I like that you got rid of the black, but I really don't like the piping on these. It is extremely thin and almost impossible to see. I'm not a huge fan of the number font either.

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