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  1. I want the original one, not this one. I liked the one from a few months ago. This one...not a fan of
  2. The dark gray is how it is featured in the style guide I believe. That's a graphic I have from the current uniform launch in Spring 2017
  3. That is correct. The silver with the current honolulu blue and white jerseys, the throwback design, and finally the color rush /alternate
  4. Pretty much exactly how it works. Look at Capital One Arena. Only reason why Georgetown hosts is because that's where they play most, if not all, of the home games they have. What's even more peculiar about this is when the BB&T Classic would be at the arena, until the last three years or so of that event, the Hoyas refused to participate (whether or not it had to do with Maryland being in it is a different topic), GW would act as a co-host with the Terps. In that case, it makes sense for the Hoyas to be the host but it would be nice to see GW as the host so that the Terps and/or Hoyas can actually play as close to home as possible, provided it'd be a first/second round set of games.
  5. I'm on the fence with what Lockervision had before the links went dead. I'm pretty sure that is gonna be legit
  6. Good thing I grabbed them off Lockervision before the links went dead
  7. I'm thinking we see either Chiefs v. Packers or Chiefs v. Saints
  8. Tennessee is going with the Columbia Blue Alternates Buffalo is going mono white and the facemasks will be white as well
  9. Rumour is a gray version of a Whalers jersey
  10. The all coloured socks, as well as the leotard look, needs to go the hell away. It was fine every once in a while but now it is just overkill
  11. It's the 2020-2021 City edition jersey
  12. The only reasoning I can see is the pewter colour would be treated in a way like the Seahawks Gray jerseys are?
  13. It's not going to be used as a uniform patch. Maybe as a helmet decal but other than that, it may only be for promotional materials.
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