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  1. I think Chiefs fans as well as several of us here would collectively lose our mindset KC went to a full scale uniform change. But as for the "leak", it sounds awfully Teal-ish?
  2. Nah I don't think they were. The only ones that I know of off hand that have been unveiled is Cincinnati and Texas.
  3. What it also looks like is some sort of a weird variation of the kiss cut?
  4. The World jersey images are there but they are pretty blurry
  5. If it is a single layer of twill, then that has to be the replica version
  6. And this would only be for the pre-game skate, obviously
  7. How was the replica compared to last seasons? I'd assume it's $129 for the ones with no name and a bit more for the player replicas?
  8. Why they have three white jerseys is still insane to me. Yet again them having 4 alternates is also nuts as well.
  9. I was at the game in Raleigh last December and it was loads of fun! Despite knowing the history of what happened, I still made sure to pick that jersey up and have plans to get a second one later on with a player name on it (which I normally never do for hockey jerseys).
  10. Seriously. I know in addition to the division logos, they make team specific ones but the only one I have seen is the Islanders one. I've been trying to find all of them for the last couple of weeks but am not having any luck
  11. That's my one nitpick with the adidas jerseys is the collar treatment. I have two of the adidas jerseys and I do like how they feel heavier over the Reebok jerseys and don't feel as cheaply made. If they could find a way to make the silver, white, and red blend in without forcing the nhl logo part on the collar, it could work. I did find a couple of cool concepts but not fond of the collar treatments Those could work if the collar is altered a bit
  12. At this point, as much as I enjoy the 3-on-3 tournament style, they need to back to the way it was in the late 1990s-early 2000s with a North America vs. The World game and let North America and The World squads rotate between regular home/road jerseys every season.
  13. Well, the ASG jerseys were just released and all I have to say
  14. I don't remember exactly where I saw it but the plans for the Rangers and Red Wings alternates are shelved due to on-ice testing not going as well as previously planned. Vegas, as far as I know, still has their third planned. For the other teams, I don't know what is going on.
  15. I know it does not relate to this particular thread but does anyone here remember what website these Broncos uniforms came from?
  16. NOT the helmet. When I say orange/orange/orange, I mean Jersey/Pants/Socks.
  17. No. They didn't wear three out of the 18 or so combinations (not including Color Rush). Orange/Orange/Orange, Orange/Orange/Brown and Orange/Brown/Brown
  18. That's unless new management trades away OBJ, which that'd be a dumb move. Yet again I didn't see the Giants trading him a year after giving him that huge extension
  19. Nashville also had a navy blue alternate planned but I think that also failed TV tests as well as whatever Detroit had. It's funny how before the season started there were about 25 teams that had some sort of a third jersey planned and now it is around 20. I don't think Detroit or the Rangers need a third jersey, but that is my opinion
  20. I think the Rangers one was delayed. Vegas is still planned but I am wondering if they do what Tampa Bay did last season and wait until mid to late January.
  21. Correct if I am wrong on this but wasn't the stadium seats designed in a way to look like the logo? I'd love to see the look be something like the 2009-2012 throwback look. Keep it as something simple as that.
  22. I'd love to see an official word/source instead of a rep from a team shop. Not saying you're wrong, @imawalkingcorpse, but an official source would be helpful.
  23. The ones I have been having a difficult time locating are the Diamondbacks 2001 World Series banner and the 2002 National League West division champions banner (not the logos on the facade inside the stadium)