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Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks Hockey


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Several days ago, I unveiled a new logo I made for the UNO Mavericks. I wanted to put it on a hockey jersey and introduce it as an alternate. However, I did not want to just post a random jersey by itself. So, I put together a complete set for the UNO Mavs hockey team. I am now presenting it here for comments.


For the colors, I kept them close to what they currently have. I darkened the red and re-introduce silver. Black and white stay the same.



IMO, the logos the Mavs have now are great. So I kept what they have and added my new logo. It is a circular logo with "Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks" around it. The Maverick head logo is in the center.



The jerseys are similar to what the team currently wears, but modified. They inlcude a two-stripe design. Also, I made red home and white away.





For the alternate, I based it off of the Sabres 3rd jersey. I made it black with a classic striping pattern. My new alternate logo is used on the chest.



Comments are much appreciated!

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I like everything but the black jersey. That bull-in-circle logo is good but it just doesn't do it on a jersey for me. I'm not to sold on the jersey design either. Maybe thicken the outer red and silver stripes and make the inner portion solid white?

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