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NFL Europe Logos for CCSL


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Again, seeing that some of the NFL Europe logos were poor quality, here are some that could replaced the bad ones.


Just to clarify, this NFL Europe logo you've posted is actually the version that was used for embroidery use. Here's the official primary (color-optimized, of course!):


I have a pretty large collection of WLAF/NFL Europe/NFL Europa logos...I have been planning to post color-optimized versions, but will probably do so on my blog as opposed to here...we don't need duplicate threads.

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NFLE (and the WLAF for that matter) really set the standard for minor-league football team branding. Lots of great primary and secondary logos there, and some pretty good uniforms too. Way better than anything that's come since (XFL, UFL (though it's still early), etc.)

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