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I Can't Believe This Is Still Around


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I was doin some searchin tonight, and came across this old webpage i saw a few years back, and It still is there for the most part. It even mention CC's page a lot, thats where he got the logos from, and in the links section, it appears as if CC's is the only logo page to survive, even though it is linked to the tripod site haha, ahhh the good ol days, Did any of you guys make this site? Or Chris did he ever contact you about usin your logos and stuff? Oh well, I'm just boerd and lookin for old stuff, anyone else have stuff like this to share?

Sports Logos Arena

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CFA- Fargo Bobcats

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Yes I remember this site, I forget the man's name now, but I remember he was from Mexico and we talked to each other quite frequently.

I allowed him to use logos from my page, and in return he allowed me to use logos from his site.


Chris Creamer
Founder/Editor, SportsLogos.Net


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