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A while ago I got a David Krejci card from Victory, and I noticed the logo on his pants was wrong. It looks like an old Bruins logo or something. It is yellow instead of black. This card is from this season, so the picture is probably from last season. Why would that logo be on his pants?


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Interesting. On the left leg it looks like the older Reebok logo, which could date it to the 2006-2007 season. Back then they're 3rd sweater was the one worn from 69-74. That jersey had the old yellow B on it, as did the shells which is probably where those shells came from. However Krejci only played 6 games in 06-07 and I'm not sure if he ever wore the alternate sweater.

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This is common with the Bruins. They've done it for years and still do.

Interesting. I wonder why they use throwback pants.

Because most of the changes they make are superficially cosmetic, and don't feel the need to buy 100 pairs of new pants ever year?

Just a guess.

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