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Fort Worth Frostbite


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Hey Guys.

I posted an entry in the Fort Worth Frosbite competition, but seeing as Logoman will probably win ^_^ i was looking for some feedback from you guys here.

I know I haven't even completed the Aces in my ECHL redesign, but I'm working on it, and thought i'd ask for some suggestions on this.

it's pretty much my interpretation of a yeti, looking at a bunch of different pictures. I haven't really had any feedback about it, so I don't know if it's any good or not, so feedback from you guys would be great, thanks!


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I'd like to see less black and more facial characterization of the yeti.

The gold stroke around his beard/chin needs to be thickened because they are inconsistent with the rest of the stroke. You might want to try doing a hand drawn stroke as opposed to an applied one just to add emphasis to parts of the design.

Also, I'm not sold on the font, nor the black/blue effect. Probably want a bigger stroke on the "Frostbite" part too.

It's a very good start though. Nice work.




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