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Created Soccer Team - Tokyo Sun FC


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Love it! What's your template?


koizim said:
And...and ya know what we gotta do? We gotta go kick him in da penis. He'll be injured. Injured bad.

COYS and Go Sox

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Cracking concept there, the home is the best of the bunch being a totally original design. I really like it that you're using an alternate version of the logo for the shirt as well. The hoop colours work so well together too. Another thing I like is your use of Japanese, J.League tends to shy away too much from their own language so seeing this is quite refreshing.

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I like the home and the third kit. I am not a fan of the big patch on the back of the home. The third is my favorite. I think with the collar style of the home on the third it would be perfect.

I could be wrong, however I don't think that it is a patch on the back of the jersey, however it is stitching where the design on the jersey ends.


This is not a patch, I took this as more what the back of the home was.


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