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  1. This is total nonsense. We are the Crew, they cry, while making the team name no longer the Crew. This is worse than 15 years ago when nobody could explain coherently whether it was Red Bull New York or the New York Red Bulls.
  2. Radically different dialects spoken between Cincy and Columbus, apparently.
  3. The Ohio flag shape is actually a nice idea for a crest base, but just a C with weird angles inside it isn’t it.
  4. yeah this team really has a great history of embracing the city and rejecting its own color scheme.
  5. Better not settle until MLS is just a list of cities and black jerseys. #authenticity
  6. Four straight losses for the Nets! Panic!
  7. Agreed; either of those vs a middle/royal blue would be a problem, or my personal peeve, light blue vs white.
  8. Yeah, I just don’t see that as a motivator for a tournament, even if you’re say the type of perennial all star stuck on a crappy team. I will say, the play-in tournament seems to be making these late season games more competitive. Usually this time of season we just get a lot of real snoozers of games with teams and players totally checked out. Feels to me we’re not getting that as much this year. (But the end result tournament still feels cheap!)
  9. I’m interpreting that City kit as having an incandescent effect in the printing, like the light-shifting satin or metallic printing, not a gradient itself. Might look cool but might look bad!
  10. This is probably better, but when was the last time Seattle had green shorts as an option? And better yet why not have white shorts/socks too?
  11. Got the rare Real Madrid mashup today, wearing black socks with their home kit at Chelsea. Good thing they were all in on the color pink in this year's kit set.
  12. I stand by my opinion that the crest is not the issue with CFM (?), everything else is. Didn't really consider til now that their new logo almost intrudes on Vancouver territory, the pointy references to natural wintry elements and the dark-blueish color scheme. Bi-coastal Canadian basement dweller fight.
  13. The buyout market angst of a few weeks ago really fizzled huh? Drummond sucks now, Blake has been fine for BKN but who cares, Aldridge retired. Re the play-in, I agree with all the criticism being hurled at it. I guess it’s good in the sense that it seems like there’s more competitive games now, and less tanking, not least because it requires teams to aim for 6 instead of 7. But it has the same randomizer energy as MLB’s awful Wild Card games, and this year actually requires a less frenetic pace of competition given all the injuries we’re seeing.
  14. I’m old enough to remember when the teams who used tarps were mercilessly roasted as failures in MLS. Now everybody wants tarps! Even by the standards of owners crying pandemic poverty...god, have a little dignity.
  15. Wonder how much of it is camo-as-fashion and how much is “support the troops at any cost”, I’m sure it’s some of both. Otherwise wouldn’t it make sense after the past year to pay tribute to others who serve the public— medical staff, EMTs, teachers, Instacart drivers dropping groceries off.
  16. The Seattle psychedelic kit looked much better in action than I even expected. Helps that it was paired with LAG’s “what even is color” kit, but yeah. The design really works. (Just wish they’d tone down the Hendrix nonsense and admit they just inverted the usual color scheme!)
  17. Good point! Are the auto auctions going to Peacock? Is auto auction nation as mad about this as American EPL fans are? I just don’t want anyone to miss seeing their ideal 1972 sage green Thunderbird on television.
  18. I don’t even get why it’s played at a faux-pro level. Just play tennis...?
  19. Very busy sports calendar right now but CBS Sports Network has been on a professional pickleball marathon tonight.
  20. Guess we gotta buy more extant Seattle shirts to get their sales numbers to third-kit levels. (Is ATL still getting one I wonder?)
  21. I kinda get the feeling Austin is trying to save their stripes to open the home stadium, even if it means a light vs light kit matchup. if I was a ref I feel like I’d have a bigger problem with that Dallas/Portland socks clash.
  22. I think people get the concept, and we’re all seeing what the NBA is doing. It’s just an inherently bad concept is all. Like I said before, we don’t need these super literal mash-ups of two Boston institutions; if the Marathon decided to move its finish line from Copley Square to Fenway Park in a Red Sox tribute, that would be equally stupid.
  23. Especially given the origin story, this is the only Marathon alternate they need. But it’s not a moneymaker. That the team and Nike had to dumb down this sentiment to open the new revenue stream makes it all that much worse.
  24. Every time this gets tried in Boston it becomes a Williams/Ortiz fight, and a Bird/Russell fight.
  25. that weird TNT Champions League era was so abrupt and bad that I thought any more new sports were way off the table, one reason this NHL move surprised me. Too bad for them that Steve Nash got a real job!