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  1. Maybe an unpopular opinion but the Sacramento badge really could use some top-level refinements, IMHO. Keep the colors, the name, the bear ... but there's plenty of room for improvement but strong pieces to work from, which is a nice place to be. Unless they crash and burn the way Nashville's update did.
  2. Celtics giving Jaylen Brown four years, $115 mil. I'm a Brown fan and that seems awfully steep for him, but hey, not my money!
  3. And because I'm obsessed with alignment issues, trying to think that through as well -- my best guess is: 2020: MIA and NSH to East, CHI moves to West 2021: AUS to West, CHA(?) to East 2022: SAC and STL to West, CHI moves back East? Would all that back-and-forth fly with the Fire? Can't help but wonder if ditching the two conference format would make more sense, especially as the schedule will only get *more* unbalanced if you can't play everyone in your division twice and keep to a sane number of games.
  4. Surprised that a team with extant USL infrastructure has to wait all the way to 2022 to get in, when there's an opening for another team in 2021 -- stadium reasons at play? Seems like Charlotte is the clear front-runner for slot 30 so hopefully they can get it up and running in 2021.
  5. I feel Minnesota hasn't really found their MLS identity, cycling through the light gray with blue sash and the dark gray and the white. Not sure if the solution is to pick a first-choice kit and wear it religiously or if the kits need a redesign (not the badge though!). Also I've always liked Galaxy's blue kits, though maybe the LAFC look has taken some of the appeal away. And yeah, single-elimination has been awesome. I liked the idea from the start but the games turned out to be even better than expected, and I'm glad LAG ensured that at least one road team could eke out a win.
  6. We’ve got a snow game in Utah! What a day.
  7. I expected nothing out of the Revs today, but they ended up hanging with ATL just enough that I was disappointed about the loss. Ah well. A full season of Bou + Gil + competent coaching is a great thing to look forward to, at least, and that’s before whatever other personnel moves happen — not sure I’ve ever been optimistic entering a Revs offseason before!
  8. I don’t understand the obsession with augmented reality to all the things. Who wants this? Shoulda stopped at the yellow first-down line.
  9. I can’t believe how much I hate GSW using the sans-serif name on back typeface.
  10. John Henry has more money than God, I don’t give one single about the luxury tax. Pay the man.
  11. I'm going to quit baseball if the Red Sox trade Mookie Betts. That's all I have to contribute at this time.
  12. Believe they started doing that last season, when one of the many uniform gimmicks to distract from the ad patches was that there were no more white jerseys in WNBA at all I don't think... just a light team color and a dark team color.
  13. I'd give the Expos most of the credit for Pedro Martinez, too.
  14. I posted basically this exact same thing a few months ago so forgive me, but it's still true: the smart thing about the Brooklyn brand is that they took enough influence from Old New York Brooklyn (as in that photo), Modern Hipster Design Brooklyn and Golden Age of Hip-Hop Brooklyn -- a little from each, without being too literal in any. Polarizing as it was/still is, in aesthetics, as a brand and for what the team was trying to do, I think it was very smart. (Of course the team being listless for most of its existence undermined most of that.) The new Brooklyn graffiti marker alternate goes right up to that line of corny-literal but turned out better than expected; that Brooklyn Bridge alternate went careening over the edge but fortunately is already gone. I guess I can see where the Clippers would want to do a similar thing if they move to Inglewood. But I think it's less successful because a.) they're hitting you over the head with it, and b.) they haven't moved to Inglewood! Bingo, and for sure the Nets have done the same thing. If we're honest their ideal consumer is probably a Brooklyn transplant who wants to listen to Biggie while eating at one of the arena Momofuku or Danny Meyer stands. Not sure the Clippers can thread that needle the same way. I can see it but it's too try-hard to me. Anyway we'll probably be stuck with it once they win the finals wearing them in 8 months.
  15. This navy Nats stuff looks real weird in a sea of fans wearing and waving red.
  16. Fertitta has the right, sure, but it would be even less smart than Morey’s tweet. Even apart from the geopolitics, everyone’s waiting for his trigger finger to finish off the Rockets’ blown window and good luck finding a better replacement than Morey.
  17. I like a yellow jersey on its own but yellow over white rarely looks good to me, which is the problem in baseball.
  18. At least it isn't gray. But once again had to do some googling to figure out whether this was the same template as last year's.
  19. So this was all some kind of elaborate salary cap ploy by Daryl Morey. Always five-dimensional chess with that guy.
  20. I didn’t realize the VMC had such a wavy, curvy seating bowl... and definitely didn’t expect it knowing that the outside is all right angles. Kinda cool!
  21. Unfortunately "all the children are above-average" does not apply to the Wolves' illustrious history.
  22. Can't believe they're calling the team "Revolution II" and not "War of 1812 SC" but sure.
  23. As long as Nike has the market cornered on Futura Condensed, I don't think they need to worry about typefaces all that much.
  24. I'd much rather he just be honest and say "this whole thing is a mess and I'm sure as hell not getting involved in it". Perfectly defensible opinion to have! I'd kill to see the strongly-worded backchannel memo that the league must have sent everyone.
  25. "We're using basketball to spread democracy" is such a 1950s thought. Those simple times before there was money in globalized leagues. Or money in communist dictatorships, for that matter.