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  1. Surprised me too. Seems interleague games are much less regular than I’d have expected when you actually look at the list: https://www.baseball-reference.com/play-index/head2head-games.cgi
  2. USA/Spain was a strange game. Worrying for the USWNT I thought. Why did it take so long to sub on some fresh legs, on a hot day where the team looked tired and unable to break down the opposition?
  3. Aron Baynes will get bought out anyway. He wants to play for a contender and that won’t be Boston next year; this is relatively low on the list of Danny Ainge snake moves. Though one has to think Ainge could have given Baynes a heads up that the roster was going to come apart before he opted in. At least the Celtics drafted this guy, the son of a NASA engineer.
  4. I missed it or more likely put it out of my mind. What a stupid gimmick!
  5. What’s with the countdown to kickoff from the PA announcer? Have heard it at WWC and Gold Cup. Seems like a MLS 1996 thing.
  6. That’s a minor upgrade for the Rockets. Sort of what I’ve been hoping for the past few years, but... the wordmarks really need black trim, that silver doesn’t work and just makes it look ugly-bloated. And the side panel situation is unfortunate. bring back the gray with the cool rocket checker trim!
  7. Maybe my least favorite matchup is white vs. yellow, like USA-Sweden today. Made worse when one team is monochrome and one isn’t. Would’ve liked to see Sweden’s blues.
  8. Believe the Miami Dolphins stadium reno was wholly privately funded (and, of course, turned it into a strictly football (and soccer) park).
  9. If you squint the “elb” could kind of be a stingray shape.
  10. It is maybe a thing where Boston "won" for basketball reasons at the time, but the intangible fallout -- window ends up slamming shut way early, locker-room culture left a smoldering crater, stars like AD vocally opposed to going to Boston -- ended up swinging the trade. Probably unforeseeable, but it makes for a good story! BTW, I'm not saying Brad Stevens should be fired or anything, and not that he deserves all the blame with the active saboteur Kyrie around, but it would be nice if the basketblogosphere held him to account for his nightmarish job managing last year's team.
  11. I don't like that at all! Aronnnnn!
  12. And that looks like a nice cross-city tie in with a color scheme that the MLS team has really made their own, which is always nice.
  13. I'm not sure I've ever seen a trade like the Kyrie/IT trade that was such a lose-lose proposition for all parties involved. Teams, players, everybody.
  14. So he did the right thing for the team, but that doesn’t help IT. Don’t get it twisted. Ainge has made a series of great moves to get the team to this point, and now it’s blown to hell anyway. Time to try something else.
  15. Welp, that’s one window slamming violently shut. Seems karmic.
  16. I know it’s not the usual but I kinda love the Brazil men’s Copa America kit?
  17. I like the design a lot. I wish it wasn't purple, though. I feel weird about design for MLS All-Star Games; feels strange to have the team look like a knockoff of whomever the host team is, but I also want there to be SOME local flavor. I'm also worried that this design will force Atletico Madrid to change into an away kit instead of the red/white stripes, which is stupid to me.
  18. God, anything LeBron adjacent really does make people unhinged.
  19. Its an ownable look, for sure, but it’s too milquetoast and dated for me. I think that bulbous wordmark looks much worse in red and the M logo never should have replaced the TC. The entire ensemble belongs next to the Miller-era Indiana Pacers in a 1997 Old Navy catalog.
  20. I’m so mad I have to defend the Lakers right now. As if this season hasn’t been trying enough for me.
  21. Love to be trolled by my own team’s fans, good times
  22. The current Twins set isn’t great but going back to the 90s look isn’t good, either.
  23. You mean the era of 30-win Celtics teams?
  24. Oh come on. Our team did the same thing with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving. Their roster isn’t good enough so they’re making moves to get the best players to improve it.
  25. We’re two hours in and I’ve already seen so many takes that are so bad, I’m developing sympathy for LeBron and the Lakers for the first time in my life.