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  1. Great name, still a lot of potential for that identity. But they need to hire a more competent press release copywriter immediately.
  2. I tuned in just to root for Mookie.
  3. The Nuggets really have one of the most unmemorable histories possible, for a team that's been around that long. Where's Dan Issel? Kiki Vandeweghe????
  4. Morey on the outs came as a shock to me, but I guess it's a good time to take a break, if you're so inclined to do so. Or say "sayonara!" to a mess you made, exacerbated by indefinite revenue losses. Smart guy to the very end.
  5. Are they really gonna end up with 6 uniforms? What mystery Nike program has yet to be thrust upon us? EDIT maybe those first three are just there as historical looks back, the mothership seems to suggest a black/gold "City" and purple "Earned" or vice-versa. https://news.sportslogos.net/2020/10/15/we-the-chevrons-toronto-raptors-unveil-new-uniforms/basketball/
  6. "Raised in Jersey" now, are we?
  7. In general it seems like the LeBron-on-the-Lakers narrative has been... underplayed, somehow. I don't know if it's that that's maybe the only team (besides Chicago) where the team outshines his own stature, or the general LeBron fatigue, or so many storytellers trying to make the other LA team a thing, or Currymania or Giannismania or Lukamania. Just seems like, in a sports world obsessed with narrative, that one has been weirdly overlooked. I think it's compelling! Particularly this year against his old team, which also became weirdly overlooked.
  8. Did the Lakers ever wear the Sunday whites in the playoffs during the Kobe years, or is that also a first of this current run?
  9. Welp, ten-years-ago me DID think Rondo had a decade of championship runs in him.
  10. Where do I buy stock in Big Face Coffee?
  11. Welp, glad we spilled all those pixels on the Lakers switching to the black jerseys.
  12. I think the Lakers' black jerseys were obviously not brought back as part of the usual NBA throwback problem so I'm not sure I would include them for the purposes of this particular conversation.
  13. That makes sense to me, and might even work on the homes as well. I'm not sure what's up with the socks on this set; there's enough white that it doesn't quite activate the leotard look with the navy pants, but there's not enough for the design to look properly balanced.
  14. Did not see that mid-post turn coming.
  15. I get the argument for silver pants for the Patriots' home jersey, but I don't see the need on the away. They made white-over-navy their look in the Brady era and it was fine. My gripe with them now, if anything, is that the silver layer of number outlining looks more out of place than it used to.
  16. Good to see things continuing apace on the in-progress stadiums. I've wondered how badly this year's revenue loss/the WTF-ness of the future of large events are affecting the stadium searches for the NYCFC/Miami/New England type teams.
  17. Because big corporate conference hotels are depressing -- not enough has been made of the weird incongruity of NBA courts in giant hotel ballrooms -- Florida weather is inhuman, and Disney World is creepy.
  18. This is basically how I feel about it. Breaking the Nike uniform scheme to bring those back was a big moment, but now they're just a PART of the uniform rotation. I guess I mind less because this is such a weird year -- with the Kobe death and the bubble and the BLM stuff -- that I mind the Lakers winning a title in a weird jersey less than I normally would. But in general I don't love the idea of a team like the Lakers wearing a black alt in the Finals. Even though I kind of like the look of it, the minimalist yellow, no-white trim pops pretty nicely on the all-black. I can live with it otherwise, and I've seen worse sacriligious attempts at alternates in recent years (hello, Celtics pub jerseys! Good day to weird creepy sky-blue Bulls mascot!). But alternates belong on random Saturdays in February. This is a weird place to air out your class grievances, but okay! The Bubble isn't exactly a gulag but it's still weird and I'm sure it's gotten old for at least some of the players. That's perfectly legitimate. I couldn't last three days staying at friggin Disney World, let alone three months.
  19. We wouldn't put the best gym-league player at Nike HQ on the court for Lakers so maybe we shouldn't let players design uniforms.
  20. I said this earlier, too, but it's really strange how much more attractive the white numbers are than the current yellow numbers. Even though they don't match the wordmark, that's somehow both charming and visually attractive!
  21. Take away the pinstripes and I'd actually prefer the "Magic" jersey to the jersey with black side panels that they rolled out. Of course I'd doubly prefer a normal-ass purple Lakers jersey, with a white number and no black anywhere.
  22. *Insufferable Soccer Dweeb enters the chat* ESPN does big soccer well, too, or at least they did after the Dave O’Brien debacle of the 2006 World Cup. I miss them having any world soccer of importance.
  23. The way I remember it is that TNT got the early SNF games when it was still baseball season, right? Because Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN was actually quite a thing.