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  1. Some teams don’t have a best look! Some teams can update as eras pass and it’s a-ok, good even. Bucks are a good example; my view is that they’ve had a lot of good-not-great looks (Irish rainbows are way overrated). Current Bucks is my favorite, actually.
  2. At least the Garden is in, or next to, the North End. Boy did that "wow those jerseys are Southie" thing drive me nuts.
  3. Can always count on Houston's soccer teams to have pretty good kits, at least. Though the sponsor logo is one of the all-time worst.
  4. Good guy David Price.
  5. 2020 continues to deliver surprises.
  6. One of the only things that's still wholesome for my hardened cold heart, the Boston Marathon, is officially off for the year.
  7. It's difficult to imagine that actually being a money-loser for teams. We saw recently when it was widely reported that MLS, as a league, stopped doing third jerseys because the apparel sales weren't profitable enough. If anything I think the way Nike (and other partners, New Era et al) do it seems to be smart, from a purely capitalist perspective, in creating new identities to sell all kinds of merch around. Plenty of people aren't gonna buy jerseys, for cost and style reasons. But they've built entire new product lines in the last couple years around these toss-off identities. Miami has their whole Vicey identity, Toronto can go both Full Canada and Full Drake, no Celtics fan needs any new gear (even throwback) but maybe they want a metallic-gold-and-faux-Gaelic Boston hat.
  8. There's obviously tons that we plebes are not privy to, but from the outside it seems like more than anything, these scenarios have been just another window at the state of labor ... e.g. the NBA has prioritized keeping labor peace since the last lockout, MLB has not been doing that, and can't help but think of those two facts as lenses through which we're seeing these leaks.
  9. I’m with you @406Cane! A pullover, yes, but deletes the warm tone trim and the head spoon that I don’t like on the other. I went to a Giants-Red Sox game once where Boston had their 70s red-hat throwbacks on at the same time and it looked great as far as heresy games go.
  10. Looks like NWSL will be the first American league back. Mini-tournament, single-site in Utah, group stage then knockout stage, doesn't preclude something resembling a normal season later on. But word is a bunch of the stars aren't on board. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/sports/soccer/nwsl-season-utah.html
  11. Anyone catch the Dortmund-Bayern game? They were piping in fake crowd noise, not sure if actually in the stadium or only on the broadcast (I think the latter). I expected it to just be a loop of white noise, basically, but somebody was doing it like a soundboard and the "home" crowd would react appropriately at moments of suspense. I need a deep dive on how this works. It was very weird but cool and felt more "normal".
  12. Hmm. Tough one. I like the Giants orange alt because it feels like a real alternate, not just a recolor of a usual jersey of theirs -- it's a risky move but that's an example that works for me, though I think the gold trim and cream pants do it no favors and make it all look too icky-warm. But it's a cool script! The black alt feels more "Giantsy" per the current conversation, but it's also ugly. As long as the Orioles keep using orange for lettering, standard block, and a generally cartoony presence, that feels like enough separation. It's also good for the Giants because I really hate how that orange looks touching standard road-grey.
  13. I hated all of those sets equally frankly! White, powder blue, and a light yellow was just way too light and desaturated a color palette for me. That's why I liked the navy alternate; it had less of that ugly chonky 00s typeface AND the navy base, while cliche, grounded the rest of the color scheme and made the gold in particular "pop" a little more nicely.
  14. Memphis had the better home/road standard set, but Denver had the better alt. I guess the whole "Memphis blues" thing made sense but they did have precedent for a more interesting and different color scheme, though.
  15. That’s really sharp, but the sponsor stripe largely ruins the effect for me.
  16. that sort of bracket is built to make our sort of people completely insane so I’m trying not to pay too much care. that said, a black shirt with light fluorescent shorts is never ever okay, and as much as I like that Revs alt for dorky 90s-ness, their original standard set was even better at dorky 90s-ness.
  17. In a battle between the comically garish 90s and current minimalist restraint, the winner is... that unsatisfying middle period? i realize these tournaments are useless, but still. that wasn’t even the best of that class of Seattle aways?
  18. maybe some people can’t tell apart a classic monogram from a cartoon bird head, or they can’t read cursive.
  19. gotta do something about the logo and wordmark though. Not that they ended up good there either, but the old ones just recolored aren’t going to fly.
  20. Oh, now I get it. Can still quote tweet though? I mean the guy is right.
  21. I can't tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me or what. I thought the throwbacks they were wearing circa 2016 or so were a shade yellower, but still very orange, and worked a little better (especially because of the white, not cream/gold, accents).
  22. First use I've seen of Twitter's turn off replies view function, and it's a tweet that asked for replies.
  23. It's a good instinct. This is how investigators and journalists uncover malfeasance.
  24. I can't decide if COVID will pop the podcast bubble (target market won't be commuting much for many months) or is good for it (class of advertisers that aren't screwed the way newspaper advertisers are).