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Rugby Canada's new jerseys


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I was looking on the Rugby Canada homepage and was reading about a CBC thing called "Wear your jersey to work" Day. They said that on Friday, Sept. 17th (yesterday) that KooGa and Rugby Canada would be unveiling the new playing kits for Canada...however I can't for the life of me find any pictures. Has anyone seen them yet?

"On Friday morning in St. John's Rugby Canada will also be unveiling the new KooGa Canada national team jersey to the Mayor of St. John's - his worship - Dennis O'Keefe." From the website

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Merci...The only thing I find odd is that on the home page you see the black jersey and what appears to be an all red jersey with an old school maple leaf for the crest. Then when you click to see the article, the red jersey is completely different from the one on the picture. Which one is which?


Rugby Canada home page

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