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Denver Concept


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OK, so as a huge Broncos fan, there are a lot good things here. I love the general uniform layout, striping etc. but the wordmark on the chest is hard to read. I love the return to the orange as a primary jersey and the royal blue. You have chosen a royal blue that is a lot bolder less pastely than what they use to have and that is a good choice.

Now for what I really don't like. The new logo slapped in a D. I would like to see the D come back in some fashion, but simply putting the new logo in a D doesn't work IMO. Try to do the D logo with a horse more similar to that logo, but updated to resemble the current Bronco. Also, I would keep the fonts the same as what they have now.

Overall, really like the uniforms, this is a very nice start.

edit: as a personal preference I would like to see an option for blue pants as well. Maybe for the road or with the orange jerseys as well.

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I like where you're going with this, but there is a lot to improve upon.

You have too many competing fonts going on here. The font in the logo is different than the font in the wordmark which is different from the NOB and number font. I think you should pick one font and use it throughout the design.

Also, the outline on the numbers is unusually large, while the outlines on everything else are normal-sized...I would decrease the outline on the numbers. I would keep the pants stripe the same as well.

Finally, I know from past experience trying a Broncos concept that Denver fans HATE the logo you have on the sleeves. I tried to incorporate it in a D-horse logo, and it did not go over well. Nobody has said anything yet, but I'm sure they will.

Otherwise the design and quality are good, so keep at it!

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Not terrible, but some suggestions:

-Ditch the "D" logo entirely. Everybody inexplicably tries to shoehorn the current bronco into a "D" when they make Broncos concepts, and it rarely works. No offense, but I don't think this one is working.

-Those TV numbers are gigantic. They definitely need to be scaled down.

-The outline is too big on the numbers, and the blue-on-orange numbers are a tad jarring and unreadable.

-You should try to find a NOB font that matches the number font better.

Overall, this is excellent for a first concept, but there's definite improvements to be made.


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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