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i think it's a cool idea! why not give the lightning, you know, an actual identity. as far as the design, i think adding some kind of bolt to the shield would probably be a necessity. only in that i'm not sure we can count on anyone to get a zeus allusion without sort of knocking them over the head with it, as we saw in the earlier mix up in mythologies in some of the earlier posts.

also, on the diamond, i might thin the top two lines out a little bit. it might make the body pop a little more.

good work though. despite all the flack you've received thus far, i dig where you're going!


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In Greek/Roman mythology, Zeus/Jupiter was responsible for the weather phenomenon known as lightning. Thus, the depiction of Zeus/Jupiter here represents the weather phenomenon of lightning quite well. The concept isn't that difficult to connect, gentlemen. Quit being dumbasses.

Alright, where's the "LOVE" button around here???

Kristopher "Baze" Bazen


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