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Warriors Logo Concept


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I have this idea for a logo for the high school hockey team where it incorporates the local team with the Warrior nickname. This is the logo for the local team.


and then this is the idea I came up with. Sorry it is just a drawing but I have very little skills in inkscape or photoshop, and if someone would like to take the time to clean it up it would be appreciated.

Logo Sketch

I'm not artistic enough to get all of the elements to look the way I want, but the feathers all have a meaning. There are nine feathers on the head dress, each representing a state championship, green and yellow for the Columbus, and red and blue for Public (both teams combined way back.) The feathers on the tomahawk and stick represent the colors of the four major schools that make up the teams roster, and the beads on the necklace represent all of the regular season championships. Then the marks on the chest of the bird are supposed to mimic hand print war paint but using the hawks claws instead of a hand. The blue color came out royal blue on the scan, but it is supposed to be a navy blue, and the bottom arrow is supposed to say Warriors.

Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated as well.

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i hate to bring this up but it reminds me a lot of this:


If you right-click the OP's image and open the image in a new tab/window, that's the same image. So it looks like wloowarrior22 was just looking to update that logo.

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