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Navy Football Concepts - Cammo Update


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Thanks to everyone who provided some feedback on my updated Midshipmen logo the other day. Here's something else I've been working on as part of a school-wide USNA rebrand. A few weeks ago on the Sports Logos forum some people were talking about the use of red in Navy's uniform in their bowl game and against Army. Personally, I didn't like it, and I didn't like the use of the the Marines' Eagle, Globe and Anchor design for various reasons (you can read my whole rant here if for some reason you're interested).

Anyway, I decided to make a Navy concept that would stay relatively true to the blue-and-gold Navy look while encompassing the Navy-Marine Corps team mindset intended in the red uniforms. So the first of my two concepts is Navy's "Rivalry" set, meant for games like Bowl Games or against Army. If anyone remembers my Padres' military appreciation set from a few months ago, I've basically expanded that concept to Navy football. You can read more about the sources of the camouflage patterns here.

Without further ado:


The patches on the uniform are to reflect Navy's real tradition of wearing the patches of operational Navy and Marine Corps units on their uniforms for big games. In todays case they sport the playing-card patch of the World Famous Black Aces of VFA-41 and the heroes of Guadalcanal, the First Marine Division. The shoulders bear the symbols of the Navy, the Anchor, Constitution and Eagle from the Department of the Navy Seal and the EGA from the Marine Corps Seal. The pants stripe reads "Don't Tread on Me" from the First Navy Jack, and below the number on the back are the Navy's three "core values": Honor, Courage and Commitment. Of course, the uniform is number 12, the great Roger Staubach.

My second concept was inspired by USAFA's Thunderbirds uniforms worn against Navy this year. I thought that the Air Force did an okay job pulling it off, but I think Navy could do even better with a Blue Angels design. So here it is:


In this case, the numbers are based off the style used by the Blues on their tails, and the helmet striping is taken from the arrow design on the belly of Blue Angels jets. I thought about a yellow helmet to mimic the flight helmets of the Blue Angels (similar to Air Force's look), but really wanted the yellow stripe with numbers on the helmet. The unit patches this time are the renowned VFC-111 Sundowners and the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.

As I alluded to before, I have a whole Navy series, encompassing the school's major sports and would happily expand this topic if there's interest, but for now, I'd love some feedback on the less traditional looks here. Thanks!

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I like the thought of including an even amount of Navy and Marine Corps elements in the the first design. A lot of people outside of the military don't realize that Marine Corps and Navy officers go to the same academy. I think it's too much camouflage too. I think making the camo a little more opaque will help with this problem. It will still be there but not nearly as bright. I think the Blue Angels uniform is great though.

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The only problem I have with eliminating the blue cammo is that the uniform then loses its direct connection to the Navy's cammo uniform and all we're left with is the Marine Corps' desert pattern. It would lose half of its meaning. I can try reducing the amount of blue cammo, maybe replacing it with the dark blue from the socks. I'll get rid of the core values deal too and see how it looks.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!

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