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FIE National Jacket designs


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Fencing is my sport- i live it and breathe it. I practice 6 times a week anywhere from 2 and a half to 5 hours a day. In terms of design, fencing brings very little to the table at the club level. Very few clubs make socks, my personal club uses an optional patch. Clubs use warmup jackets and such to identify themselves. At the High School level, on strip uniforms become more regulated. Personally, my school (reigning state champions as of last week) maintains 3 different sock designs. Red w/ white lettering, White w/ red lettering, and Black w/ white lettering. I personally chose to go BFBS in the state final, but many people mix and match. This thread is about fencing design at the international level- an increasingly difficult level to achieve, but one that I hope to reach in the future, if not for the United States, then for Ecuador. Internationally, designs go straight on the jacket and knickers. I'm going to start to post these designs on here. This is less of a concept and more of a log of these designs. I hope you guys enjoy- if anyone has any questions or comments I would be happy to take them.









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