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Rochester Red Wings new primary home unis


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The Triple-A baseball club will wear white, double-knit jerseys during home games Mondays through Thursdays at Frontier Field. The black tops that have been a staple for most of the team's first 14 seasons at Frontier will only be worn on Fridays. The team will wear replica jerseys honoring the Junior World Series champion 1971 club on Saturday home games and red tops for Sunday afternoon games.

Using Paul Lukas' decision making criteria of "Is it good or is it stupid", I rate these as a solid neither. In my humble opinion, they're better than the black ones, which were their primary home unis from 1997-2000 and again from 2005-2010, but they could definitely be better.

Many of us "traditionalist" Red Wings fans agree that their best looks were in the '60s, and many of us wish they'd go back to a look like that, even if only as an alternate.


That said, who else has an opinion, good or bad?

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I guess they're ok... maybe a little plain for my taste. They would probably never stand as an alternate uni today if they weren't a throwback. But they're popular because they're commonly associated with the 1971 team, considered one of the best Red Wings teams ever.

As an aside, when these unis were worn, the Wings' accent color was navy. So the hats, stirrups and undersleeves were navy. However, when the '71 replicas were brought back last year as a throwback, they were worn with black hats and accessories, which looked odd to us purists. After a few wearings, the team trotted out a navy alternate hat resembling the actual hat worn in '71. That was a significant upgrade over the black. Oddly though, undersleeves and socks (for the players who showed them) were still black though, which looked weird. I assume it'll be the same way this season.

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That cap logo is brutal, though. Messy and complicated, doesn't read as anything more than a blob at a distance greater than a couple feet.

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Agreed - the cap logo isn't great. Here's a bigger view:


It's been their primary cap logo since 1997 though, and I don't think they plan on changing it anytime soon. Management claims it's one of the most popular caps in the minors. They do, however, have 3 different alternate caps that they wear regularly, and 2 of the 3 feature the "ball with wings" logo:


The third alternate cap (usually worn on Sundays) features a script "R" and is similar in style to the caps worn from 1992-1994.

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