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I'm not 100% certain this is the right part of the forum to put this in, but none the less here we go:

With the draft coming up on Friday, the boys I actually play hockey with are starting to think about getting the yearly pool together.

In the past we've used Yahoo, it's simple and it works just fine. But we want to change this into a keeper league as we've had the same core 6 guys in every year.

Do you guys know a good website to run a keeper league off of? It needs to be simple enough that some of the guys who aren't very computer savvy can use it with ease (that's why yahoo has been so attractive in the past).

Thanks in advance

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ESPN is also good for keeper leagues.

See, I search all over their site to try and find confirmation that they had that, couldn't find it at the time.

Do you know if it's free or not?

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This thread is the appropriate place for this announcement. The Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League, the Thin Ice Federation, which I've been running the past few seasons is ceasing operations; however, I will more than happily transfer the statistics to whoever wants to assume the duties and responsibilities as the new Commissioner, or that member can proceed in a different direction altogether.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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