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ANOTHER College Football Concept Thread


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SO, I came up with the most original idea ever! I'm going to do concepts, for college football teams! Nobody has ever done this before! :rolleyes: All sarcasm aside, this is my first concept of a full uniform, so cut me a little slack here.

Boston College:

Home, Away, Home Alt 1, Away Alt 1, Away Alt 2, Red Alt 1, Red Alt 2, Gold Alt

C&C so I can improve

EDIT: The reason their template is Nike is because I thought they were Reebok and I did not have a Reebok template. When finally realized they were UA, i was almost done.

EDIT: Boston College (sans two blurry pictures and for some reason a missing helmet) is fixed enough to where the design isn't compromised. Working on Oregon Right now. Get ready to see something no one has every done before on this board ;)

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They're okay, but unspectacular. Firstly, you forgot to continue the sleeve striping on the back. Secondly, I'd recommend that you use a gold stripe on the sleeves of the white jersey because it looks a bit odd as is.

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I'm really surprised at how well K-State works. A couple of things would put it over the top, though:

1) The pants would look much better, I think, being all-silver. The purple parts look really weird

2) If you have two cat logos on the jersey, I'd look at a different helmet logo. Maybe a modernized "Cats" or K logo.

Well done though.

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Interesting take on the KSU ones. What program are you using? You should be able to export/save as PNG images. The screenshot method loses a lot of quality, they're just blurry and it muddles your work.

As for the pants, that's got to change. I have noticed so many people since this "Pro Combat" craze started that randomly color panels of the uniform. The pants show this fad pretty well, but I can't say a football team would ever use a look like that. It's just awkward and forced, and not very visually pleasing.

Also, make sure your collars match. Neither uniform has a matching collar between front/back.

Keep working at it, you'll get it.

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