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Logolympiad Voting: Event #3

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The results of this event are finally in. I threw out the alias votes, and as a penalty/precaution, I tossed ddanigirl76's vote as well.

When the dust settled, it turns out that, ironically, enough of you thought enough of payno's design that cheating was completely uneccessary...

medal3b.gif Evan

medal3s.gif Tajmccall

medal3g.gif paynomind

Now I'm going to try to get that site updated!

EDIT: The results page and standings have been updated.

facebook.png twitter.pngblogger.pngflickr-1.jpg

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OK, im going to sound like a ninny since im in silver, and duh, im sure it looks like i just want the gold, but shouldent cheating be automatic disqualification????

One would think... and if not, someone who's really "owned up" to something would probably give them up on his own valition.

...maybe it's just me.

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A couple of things -

1) The voting results I arrive at for this event are different to the official ones...3 points for gold medal nomination, 2 for silver medal nomination and 1 point for bronze right?

2) Why should Paynomind get anything when he was low enough to cheat? Any cheating whatsoever should see him dq'd.

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