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Logolympiad Voting: Event #3

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gold - paynomind - screams ireland, parquet is beautiful, just HOT all around

silver - tajmccall - love the castro image, nice parquet, SOLID

bronze - mockba - nice job with the russian court....i am not, nor have i ever been affiliated with the communist party!

HM - avenger - i wish i could vote for you too, but i hope the HM helps.

PS - i originally had evan for bronze, but i realized that the basketball canada logo was already in use, i'm sorry if you saw this previously and noticed i changed my vote, but i originally thought you created that logo specifically for the contest....sorry, dude.

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This really was tough. I had to put myself through about 4 rounds of elimination to whittle it down to these three. We're really bringing our A games on these, and putting together some really fantastic stuff. You should all be proud.

So, without further adieu:

G- Avenger

S- Puckguy

B- Starchild

I think Chris needs to give WiB a medal or a knighthood or something for putting together this contest...


OWNER -- Pittsburgh Spiders (UL) * Dynamo Missouri (PLA) * Montreal Maroons (SHL)

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G: Tajmccall

S: Avenger

B: Pittunited

This was an extremely difficult contest to judge. There were a ton of outstanding entries. This is clearly a "world class" event.

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good golly molly! too many well done concepts. will they all be this difficult to choose from? grade-A works, indeed.

G- TajMcCall

S- Paynomind

B- UniWaffles

HM- Starchild

Carolina Dreamin'


When a robotic Nixon is on the loose, we have a duty to take action.

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number55- Plain and Simple, always effective

Evan- I can imagine it on a court, and it looks pretty sweet

Braden- Even though Isreal probably sucks at basketball, Braden did a good court for them. There is your vote.



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