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Soccer Wallpapers


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I have been working on a few wallpapers over the last couple months and I thought this project would be a good one to post on the boards. Ill take requests if you'd like. I have read the boards for so long and i have been waiting for a project to present on here. here it is.

th_canadanotport.jpg th_brazil.jpg th_canada.jpg th_germany.jpg th_usa-1.jpg th_enlgand.jpg th_holland.jpg

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I tried to incorporate one of their older away jerseys whilst adding my own flair into the design



simple. yet "sophisticated".



keeps to the tradition of the 2010 WCJ whilst using the "DONT TREAD ON ME" esque logo



using the chevron design from the actual jersey i tried to incorporate the "TAILORED BY UMBRO" design into all the umbro wp. simple and sophisticated. sorry for the quality.

EDIT : Quality improved


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they are coming.. internet has been out for a while and i am applying the finishing touches... i also made a leicester city fc. I would like to know as far as feedback goes where you think i could improve as far as the design goes?

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i apologize for the pixelations. but they do not appear this way on a phone or iPod as a wallpaper. Ok so here we go.


For the home i incorporated the sponsor and the logo as well as the blue and white colors of the jersey. the away is based on the popular road strip from a couple years back.



here are the MLS ones, i created a "sunset light" (theyre my favorite\ :grin: ) as well if youd like more in any styles (vintage, etc.) i can try and do pretty much anything.


LA Galaxy.

as much as it pains me to do this as a philadelphia union fan, here you go. i also tried to incorporate the three addidas stripes knowing the situation with becks and adidas. oh and good luck losing in the mls cup, because we have adu now B)


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