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Arizona St Pro Combat


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This would look so much better if it was maroon and gold (you know, the correct colors for ASU) and not BFBS.

Also, the PT-42 thing should be on the collar logo. The point of ASU having that on their uniforms was to have it visible so it would pay tribute to Tillman and no one will see it if it's on the inside of the collar.

I disagree with spleen, I think the pants stripe doesn't look good curved.

I also think that having the helmet stripe end in a pitchfork is a bit too much. Either have it on the side of the helmet or on the stripe, not both. Having both is overkill.

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Definite improvement, but I still feel like the pitchfork would work on the side of the helmet. Make the helmet stripe a full-length solid stripe and put the pitchfork on the side.

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my pro combat for asu is simple but say Welcome to the valley of the sun

the sleeves has the arizona state flag pattern the slogan insted of "fear the fork" its "PT*42" as a small tribute to Pat Tillman



I like it, especially how you put the pitchfork on the sides and down the middle. Great Job! Love the Black!

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