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The Big XII (or so) - Niked.


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As I said in the description I am using Mau's incredible Nike PC template and really enjoying it. Right now I am a few teams into my redesign of the Big 12 Conference and am looking for some C&C.

Here are the Teams I have completed:

Baylor: Home-Road

Iowa State (Post #15, P. 1): Home-Road-Alt

Kansas (Post #18, P. 1): Home-Road-Alt-One Off

Kansas State (Post #31, P. 2): Home-Road

Missouri (Post #41, P. 3): Home-Road

Now for the Baylor Bears!

Baylor has had some dissapointing uniforms recently, not all bad, but far from good. Baylor is the oldest school in the Big 12 conference, so the have alot of history. But honestly the dont have too many recognizable tradtions to show for it. So there are not a whole hell of a lot of guidelines that must be followed, and specific elements that must be in a uniform design. This is both good and bad for a conceptor. I had alot of room to work, but on the other hand I didnt really have anything solid to draw from. What I made in the end turned out to be a mix of some classic and modern element. The classic side being my "B inside of U" logo, (no real reason for this except that I think it looks cool), and the modern side being the subliminated chest wordmark and the new numbers. I avoided BFBS as much as possible because, since these school colors are green and gold and I have uni numbers that resemble Oregon's, I think that that would just go over the top as far as the Oregon resembence. So let me know what you think, I will be willing and able to update it a couple of times before I post my next concept.





Road Action:




P.S. - I appologize for the massive photos, I can either just link to them or just make sure to upload smaller sizes. Whichever would be most convenient.

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There's such thing as "too much". I think you've got that going on with the shoulders. Logo+stripes+numbers, it's a bit crowded. I like the direction you're heading, it just needs some refining.

Another minor thing I noticed: your shoulder numbers don't match between the action and static :P

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Haha, Justinthered I saw that there were ten replys and I got pretty excited. :P I apreciate the comments folks so far. It looks like I overlooked a few things (Not sure what happened with the "T' on the collar). I'll be home all afternoon and I will probably be uni-ing all day, so I will post a cleaned up/simplified version later today.

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Alrighty, I updated the photos in the origional post. I changed the shoulder to a simple striping, fixed some minor mistakes and, thanks to thespleenenator's articulate and gracious CnC I changed the helmet logo to one of Baylors actual helmet logos.

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I have finished the Iowa State Cyclones! I really actually like this one. It's not terribly out there, but it is still a signifigant change from what they had before (which was not all that bad). Iowa state also has alot of rich history, but they haven't drawn much football tradition from it. So I was pretty free to do what I want. I tried to keep it simple with only three possible combos, but I'm not sure they would want to whiteout for every road game. I think it is a really cool look, but not something you would want to see every week. Comments? Anyway I hope you all enjoy these!







Alt Action:



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Okay. I have the Kansas Jayhawks. I went a little out there with the Jays, but I think it looks pretty cool. I have always thought that one of the best looks in football was the NY Giants grey pants. I think that is a classic look, especially for teams with a Red and Blue color scheme. SO therefore we GFGS in this uni set. I also used a silver helmet, which I personally think looks slick with the big jayhawk head logo on it. But the whole grey thing may stir up some trouble because of the in-state rival Wildcat's similar look. Any feedback will be apreciated. I hope you enjoy.



Home Action:




C&C Please!


Home Alt 1:


Home Alt Action:


Home Alt 2:


Home Alt 2 Action:


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