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Bucks Concept


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Overall it's nice... good color selection, just a few things:

1. The logo, leaving the cut off head of the buck doesn't exactly work. I would continue it downward and make it more full than just the head. Also, maybe add an angry eyebrow or something to make it more pissed off, more attitude or something.

2. I think I would condense the wordmark more. It seems a tad bit too spaced out. The letters closer together might work here.

3. Mess around the secondary logo... it just kinda looks like you wanted to get the concept up quickly and rushed it.

4. The jersey overall, is nice, but it's way too similar to your other jerseys. You have a very distinct style on your jerseys, but just about every one of them has the same overall design. I would drop the v-neck and go with a traditional curved collar. As for the sides, I wouldn't have them come to the sharp point - I'd either continue them downward on the slant, or have them go straight downward, but in both cases they would go from the arms down to the end of the jersey rather than coming to the sharp point.

It's a nice start, but I definitely get the impression you rushed it. With some touch ups, it could really be something nice. Hope this helped.

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Looks nice, I mean, I see where your going with it, but it could look better. Once again, like Starchild said, your concept looks nice, but it is similar to your other ones, which isnt always a problem. The Alternate logo could be nice if there was a little more work involved in it. I think that maybe if the side panels went all the way to the bottom of the jersey, then that would definantly look great, but eh.You definantly need Illustrator, I mean, if you can put out these kind of concepts in Paint, imagine what you can do in Illustrator.

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Nice Work "Against All Odds" - your right, Illustrator would be best, but these are a good start.

Some creative suggestions (take what you want); the nose is too big, Looks like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, it should be more triangle shaped. The MB with antlers looks more like a "moose" version. Not sure what to do with that, I'm not an expert with antlers. But a good start for the Alternative Logo.

I love your color concept. The Jersey is simple and Clean (meaning not too busy with all kinds of stripes and slashes). I like it! Keep up the good work.

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