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Mystery Player 5/18/04


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I made my first appearence in the NHL at the end of the 1980/81 series and was a big part of teh North Stars run to the finals. A star at the University of MInnesoat I was a fan favorite in Minnesota for over a decade until the Stars moved to Dallas. I would remain with the Stars until 1995 whne I was delat to the Devils helping their first Stanley Cup Run. I stayed with thr Devils teh next season and began the 1996/97 season with the Devils before being released. Later in the season I ended up with the Kings, before finishing the season and my career with the Stars.

Who Am I?

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You're lobbing me a softball on this one.

Neal Broten.

Though, I never realized he'd played with the Kings.

You also left out that he was on the 1980 USA Olympic team.

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Broten is corrected and I could have added 80 Olympic Team I thought about doing it as a bonus.

Broten played like 19 games for the Kings.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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