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Irish Golf Club now "Dry"-Docked for week


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An judge in Dublin, Ireland yesterday (5/18) punished the Portmarnock Golf Club in that city suggesting that they not serve alcohol for a week for discriminating against women following a complaint from the National Women's Council of Ireland, who argued that female members get poor tee times and no voting rights. If the club refuses to change their ways, their license to serve alcohol would be lost.

We have something like that here in the USA. I think it's called Augusta National Golf Course.

"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

My "Ron Mexico" alias is "Jon Tobago".

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Why can all-female clubs exist (i'm talking in terms of all things, not just golf), yet an all-male club is considered discrimination?

Meh, the world we live in I guess... I'm a straight white male, aged 18-49, if I was an American I wouldn't be able to say anything without being considered racist, sexist, et al... but being canadian i can get away with bashing americans, nothing else tho ;);)


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