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Coca Cola pulling white cans from shelf


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Doesn't surprise me one bit that Pop drinkers would get this upset about something as silly and arbitrary... must be all that High Fructose Corn Syrup addling their brains. Fact is anyone who purchased a can or pack of White Coca Cola thinking it was diet has nobody to blame but themselves. And maybe that neurotoxin Aspartame for reducing their intelligence to the level of lab rats.

As for the design itself, the white can looks great. Too bad whats inside is complete garbage.

Best argument ever^

And I wish Australia had cool cans like this for Christmas over here they removed the secon coca cola script and added a name of a reigndeer or Santa in basic block font it was boring as hell

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White palette swaps of pop cans mean diet. Don't make my, or anybody's, beverage-consuming life any harder than it needs to be.

I think it's: Gold: Caffeine Free; Silver: Sugar Free; White: Sugar and Caffeine Free

At least for me, if I saw those cans, I would assume it meant Sugar and Caffeine Free...

(Not that I drink colas, but my wife does...)

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