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  1. I'm surprised it hasn't been put up yet. Chris Creamer breaking the news about the new Alouettes logo... Reposted by the CFL on their Facebook page. I think it's pretty sweet, and huge upgrade from the old angry bird logo, which I always hated. The downside is that apparently it's going to be worn on the top of the helmet.
  2. It appears the Montreal Alouettes are about to launch a complete re-brand with new uniforms, helmet and logo... Montreal Alouettes tease potential jersey launch
  3. Man, that thing is freakishly monstrous. I guess they're assuming they're not going win enough Cups which might cause them to run out of room...
  4. If you want to include the CFL, it's up to 9. Johnny Manziel (Hamilton/Montreal), started 8 games for Cleveland 2014-2015
  5. Yeah, but I thought that meant they were going to go back to their regular helmet logo rather than this very simplified, de-birded, uni-colour version. After this year, are they going to keep it as their regular look, or go back once again to the logo they had last year?
  6. This is not going to be their permanent logo is it?
  7. I find it interesting that the three teams that have announced their relocation to Los Angeles have all at some point in their franchise history called that city home. For those that actually follow the NFL, what are the chances that three will actually relocate there? As a huge fan of Blade Runner, I approve of this gif....
  8. I think that's actually a game featuring Guelph and what looks like Western. Nash61 had already posted a pic of an actual game there showing Hamilton in their home blacks against the checkerboard end zone of Guelph. However I have a better example.... It's still an awesome gif...
  9. Thank you Rod Black.... In addition to your example, The Tiger-Cats also played three games at McMaster when the construction of THF ran late... And we might get another one later this year. If the Toronto Blue Jays make the playoffs, then the Toronto Argonauts might be playing their home game(s) at Tim Hortons Field.
  10. Considering that this is the NHL, unusually strong language refuting it usually means that the story is probably near spot on....
  11. The joke's on us for supporting the National Hockey LeagueI can't leave him, I love him!You'll be better for it. You'll have more free time, more money in the pocket, and less headaches from banging your head against the wall. I divorced them in 2009, and I've cut down my Tylenol intake by 75%....
  12. Roustan is a bit of a con-man. in fact I believe he's been convicted of fraud. He has no money with which to do this, and he's on the outs with NHL anyway for making some extravagant in regards to being in the running for purchasing the Montreal Canadiens.... Are you implying that this is a precursor to the Penguins relocating...?
  13. 1 is the best, unless you hate the thought of expansion, in which case 1 is the worst...
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