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June 1st Cuts

Notch Novelty

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I will be shocked stunned and perplexed if Strahan is released. He is the Gianst best defensive player, Coughlin may want to send a message true but I doubt Strahan will be cut.



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My picks for the axe...

Kurt Warner (STL) - Makes too much for a backup... Obvious...

Daryl Gardener (DEN) - Typical aging player who earns too much.

Vinny Testaverde (NYJ) - It's a matter of time till he crawls back to Parcells

Keenan McCardell (TB) - He's earning too much, and TB drafted WR Clayton in the 1st round...

Tim Couch (CLE) - Obvious choice...

Jesse Palmer (NYG) - He may have gotten the girl, but he won't have a job...

Plaxico Burress (PIT) - Just a guess. Skipping practices is a no no...


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