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Seahawks Edits


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I kinda like the new Seahawks unis.

Now, there's a bit too much going on on the jerseys (I don't need the triangle surrounding the swoosh, the asymmetrical 'Seahawks' and the green things around the collar need to go away) but there's some good stuff to work with.

And while I think the number font is stupid, that pants design is brilliant. I mean genius. It's a classic stripe with a unique take and local flavor (Haida art inspiration).

I think my biggest qualm with the helmet is that the helmet isn't gray. And if the helmet is gray I think they should only use the gray pants.

With some minor modifications, these uniforms might be some of my favorite modern uniforms in any sport.

So with those thoughts in mind I have come up with two different edits:



Or a slightly more muted version:



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It's better than what they wear now, but I think you should make a few changes. First, the shoulder numbers NEED to have the same outline as the other numbers. Second, there should be more green. Finally, The helmet looks a little too plain with no stripe and the blue facemask is too close in color to the helmet. A lime facemask could look cool, Overall, very well done!

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