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Arizona Diamondbacks

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I like this idea; it's one of the only TATC uniforms (if not, the only) that could work pretty well in the bigs.

That said, I've always thought that the Diamondbacks should try either a Brick Sedona Red/Athletic Gold/Black, Sedona Red/Teal/Black, or Sedona Red/Purple/Black color scheme. The Sedona/Gold/Black scheme has a very Southwest (and especially Arizona) feel to it (as it could translate well onto the state flag*), while the other two are also pretty Arizonan/Southwestern in feel, not to mention unique. Maybe even go the route of the Arena Football League's Arizona Rattlers and try Teal/Copper/Black.

*Replacing the navy blue with black and the copper in the star with white, or something similar. Mainly, an Arizona state flag sleeve patch is what I'm getting at.



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