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NHL 2022


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This isn't a strict series, just something fun I might return to. I got a little sick of doing normal jersey concepts, so I decided to make a couple off-the-wall ones inspired by elliott's stuff. The designs won't use any conventional templates; the jerseys are essentially a blank canvas.

For the Islanders, I expanded on a concept I'd done before with JackFr's logo. I used two shades of orange to give it some depth, and changed the design.


For the Jets, I went completely different and decided to use a design that would make the logo look a bit more alive. The shade of light blue was softened a lot as well.


C&C as well as team requests would be great.

PS: I'll have a full rebrand project up in a bit using a junior team as inspiration.

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I really like the Islanders logo and sleeves on the blue and the white jerseys

I think the sleeves on the Jets dark would look odd when the arms are brought down to the sides. The dark orange (sublimated, I'm guessing?) side bits on the orange Islanders jersey reminds me of sweaty armpits.




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